Who installs?

Do you have an assembly and installation project for your home that you want looked after?
Do you have a small renovation project that is too big for just yourself?
Do you want someone to come along and sort it all out so that you can enjoy the end result?
Who will do all these things for you? ... Wedo will!

Bring us your design drawings and speak to our friendly knowledgeable team about getting a fixed price quote for your assembly & installation project.
WeDo will do it all for you!

With an experienced crew of trades and a WeDo attitude, we will help to bring your installation, renovation and assembly project to life within budget, on time and with a smile.
WeDo… we do it for you!

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The process

Create your kitchen, bathroom or laundry design.

Kitchen? Bathroom? Laundry? ... Bring your plans and your product list to us and we'll work out an easy to read fixed quote for you.

We attend your home, review your design and quote your renovation.

A WeDo team member will meet you to go over the design and double check the details of your project, making sure we cross our 't's and dot our 'i's.

Accept our proposal and we schedule a start.

Our team will assemble and install your project ... hassle-free. Our Crew consists of carpenters, tilers, plasterers, painters, electricians, plumbers, painters and cleaners - so we can sort everything out for you, working on time and on budget.... It's that easy.

Word on the street


Our new kitchen is fantastic. We have found the installation process smooth and everything was done on time. I love cooking again!


The team were great, always keeping us up to date with the progress and they had practical solutions for any problems that arose along the way.


Rob was great to deal with – he responded to all issues/concerns in an efficient and professional manner.


I have two little kids and I was worried about all the implications of remodelling my kitchen, fortunately, I found this amazing team and now because of their amazing job, everyone wants to come all the time. Loving the attention!


I thought building the bathroom of my dreams involved a messy, tiring and time-consuming thing, but these guys proved me wrong. Now my bathroom looks even better than the ones in the interior design magazines. Thanks WeDo!

Ready to go? Let's get started!

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