WeDo supplies trades for simple jobs such as appliance changeovers through to a full suite of trade services for complete kitchen, bathroom & laundry renovations.

These include demolition, electrical, plumbing, plaster, tile, joinery installation, painting, waterproofing, rubbish removal, carpentry, project management

WeDo are a renovation specialist who partners with you to install items you have purchased.  Whether that is a complete kitchen or bathroom products we are led by the design you have decided on.
If you have purchased a kitchen you will have plans for this already.

For a bathroom we will create working drawings for construction based on the products you have purchased and the layout you want.

We can usually start within 2-4 weeks of your products being onsite.

Project time frames vary based on the types of materials you are using.

A kitchen or laundry with laminate or timber benchtops can be completed in around 1 week.

If you are having a stone benchtop this must be measured once the cabinetry is installed.  Most stone benchtops take 2-3 weeks to manufacture so the overall kitchen timeframe will be 4+ weeks.

Glass splashbacks will be measured when the benchtops are installed and again can take 2-3 weeks to manufacture.  This will make the overall kitchen renovation 6+ weeks.

A bathroom renovation will usually take around 6 weeks.

During the project you will have access to an online project schedule that details the progress and what is happening each day.

The average sized kitchen costs around $2,000 – $5,000 for cabinetry assembly & installation.

The same kitchen installation with all trades (demolition, plumbing, electrical, plaster, tiled splashback) will be around $9,000 – $15,000.

Trade works for a bathroom are usually $15,000-$20,000.

We can provide an accurate estimate for your renovation based on your products and design.  Get in touch and we can discuss your project in more detail.

Did you know that any works over $10,000 must be completed by a registered builder?

Working with a Registered Builder (CDB-L 51301) means you receive a 10 year statutory warranty on all trade works.

During your renovation your project team is there to answer any questions you have.  

You will have a project manager to oversee the site works and a project coordinator managing the administrative process.

After the renovation is complete please get in touch at 1300 009 336 so we can help with anything further.

The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 deems any projects under $20,000 require 10% deposit and projects over $20,000 a 5% deposit.

Further progress payments will be required throughout your project and will be detailed in the project schedule.

A final payment is due at completion.

Interior renovation works without structural changes usually do not need a permit.

Yes – most of our clients do live in the home during the renovation.

Remember renovating is dusty and inconvenient but it is short term pain for long term gain!

If you can move out or go on a holiday during this time our project teams will ensure your property is secure and keep you updated on the progress of the works.

Yes you can.

We will provide a project schedule and we ask your trades are available to work on the project days we request so as not to delay the works.

Also remember that our 10 year warranty only extends to works within our contract so anything undertaken by other trades are not part of this.

No, we don’t usually supply the products as we partner with you to install the items you have purchased.

If there is something in particular you want and cannot buy please let us know and we will see how we can assist.

Yes we do. Whilst we are not a finance company, we have a team of specialists whom we work with to provide you with the most suitable & competitive options. See more about Renopay